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At Pillar Consulting Group, we treat human resources as a foundational component of every organisation. As part of our overall health and safety service, our focus on human resources is dedicated to providing the highest-quality service to our clients to ensure their human resources strategy is as sound and robust as possible

Human resources and health and safety is an integrated process, and Pillar closely manages these processes in order to fill gaps in the system and cover all bases.

In today’s business world, outsourcing of human resources management is fast becoming a preferred option. We provide human resource consulting to assist with building, developing, and growing your team; acting as your own internal human resources department

At Pillar, our two core values are Partnership and Protection. We consider these values in everything we do. When it comes to our clients, our ultimate goal is to be considered a close and valued partner, and not just a contractor. We listen to your needs, ideas and aspirations, and build the perfect solution tailored towards your specific requirements.

About Human Resources

Defining a corporate culture, organisational design, implementing a people strategy that supports key pillars in the business, as well as developing human resources related strategies in the area of diversity, recruitment, and talent management are all examples of human resource planning.

Compensation & benefits, also known as total rewards, is a portion of human resources that covers all elements of employee compensation and benefits from base and variable pay to bonus systems and other add-on perks at the company level down to personnel on the job floor. Pension/retirement consulting and health and welfare advisory services are also part of this sector. 

Organisational change covers the personnel side of change, which aims to successfully implement and embed organisational structure, work methods, or cultural changes in a firm. The service area’s main theme is change management, which encompasses advisory expertise, tools and techniques, with leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change intervention, and cultural management being the principal services. Organisational change consultants can provide standalone services based on their expertise.

However, they are usually included in bigger business transformation projects to protect the personnel aspect of change. The human resource consultants’ responsibilities include everything related to enhancing the functioning of the human resources. Offers may be anything from creating and implementing an human resources target or delivery model to deploying HR systems and technologies, as well as other human resources changes that improve business processes and efficiency.

Hiring the right staff is crucial to the success of your business. However, due to Australian Employment Law, hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. This makes it crucial to get it right the first time. At Pillar, we understand how time-consuming recruitment can be, and we can help expedite the process and give your business access to the highest-quality personnel. 

At Pillar, we are strong believers in the value of people in an organisation, and it is through our people-centric approach that we are able to repeatedly deliver quality service and find the best fit for all parties. 

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