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Pillar Consulting Group is a Brisbane based consulting firm, specialising in Health and Safety consulting for Australian, New Zealand, and European based businesses. With our global presence, Pillar is one of the industry leading Health and Safety companies, and is passionate about helping businesses achieve the best possible work health and safety. While we do have a global presence; Pillar’s mission is to tailor our approach towards your specific business, and we view our modern safety practitioners as partners with our clients to meet their local compliance requirements.

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Our mission is to implement best practice health and safety compliance systems and provide training and education for seamless integration into company culture and everyday practice. We view ourselves as true business partners and look to engage as if we are part of our client’s team. With our global service, we are able to provide comprehensive Health and Safety advice for niche and specialist requirements. 

At Pillar Consulting

At Pillar Consulting, we are proud to be Premium Partners of the Safe365 cloud-based health and safety application. Safe365 is a NZ owned and operated smart health and safety system. Safe 365’s software allows us to quickly assess our clients current health and safety compliance/capability processes. As a result we can develop sophisticated solutions to improve their health and safety compliance and mitigate the potential for risk, or work from our clients’ current system and make adjustments where necessary or required. 

The system is extremely user-friendly and because it’s so intuitive, our clients can spend time focusing on what really matters – keeping their people safe – rather than navigating around clunky technology that won’t protect them.

Australia has a history of not taking workplace Health and Safety seriously.

Pillar Consulting’s goal is to change the way Australian businesses approach work health and safety. We believe that through quality education and training we can guide company culture into adopting a more responsible approach towards workplace health and safety

Our Health and Safety consultants help organisations nationwide achieve the appropriate standards of workplace health and safety. We’re partnered with businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries, including but not limited to Construction, Manufacturing, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports, Horticulture, Agriculture, and Education.

Our Core Values


Pillar’s approach to partnerships allows us to form close working relationships with our clients, with an aim of delivering successful Health and Safety and Human Resources systems for the protection of your business and employees.


Our recruits are screened for the appropriate values, and we only consider candidates who possess a strong moral compass and dedication to ethical and moral practice. We believe this ensures a high standard of service when it comes to health and safety consulting.


Pillar has an ongoing commitment to learning and education, with a constant focus on updating our best practices and maintaining our position as an industry leader with our services. Our Health and Safety consultants receive continual exposure to new courses, research, and professional development to ensure the highest standards of service.


Providing education to our client’s leaders is something we’re passionate about. Strong safety and people leadership allows any organisation to thrive. We demonstrate our own leadership externally by partnering with Boards and Executives, providing them with the knowledge and principles to lead by example in the H and S and HR space.


Pillar’s dedication to accountability and reliability is absolute. If we say we will do something, it will be done. Our Health and Safety compliance officers are always answerable to their actions and responsible for their teams.

Robust Foundations

We believe that strong Workplace Health and Safety systems are built from the ground up, which is why Pillar is dedicated towards laying solid foundations for your health and safety compliance systems. We take care of the unknowns to ensure peace of mind, expediting the health and safety process to achieve a more streamlined and agreeable system for everyday practice.

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