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These professional institutes, of which our consultants are members of; ensure that their representatives are equipped with the latest information and technical proficiency available. Furthermore, members are updated with any changes to industry-specific legislation, ensuring our clients that our skills and best practices are up-to-date and relevant. Such is our dedication to workplace health and safety that 10% of Pillar’s annual turnover is invested into staff upskilling, to guarantee the expertise of our Health and Safety consultants and lead auditors.

Our consultants understand how to manage risk, communicate due diligence to all levels of an organization, and possess a working knowledge of the necessary processes which need to be undertaken within the workplace to facilitate improvement. If you’re a small business owner; contracting a professional and experienced health and safety company negates any need for the appointment of an in-house health and safety compliance officer. Our Safe 365 partnership allows us to develop and manage the most comprehensive health and safety systems available. We can also work with our clients’ already existing systems by managing and making adjustments where necessary or required.

Our Health and Safety service offerings include:

Auditing to the following standards:




Training Workshops

The one hour training session is designed to educate attendees on new health and safety policies and procedures as well as providing training for roles and responsibilities as set by Australian Health and Safety Law.

The two hour risk management workshop is designed to educate attendees to identify, assess, analyse, and control health and safety risks that they may be exposed to in the workplace. This session exposes attendees to the potential risks and problems they may encounter in their place of work, and what they can do to minimise the chance of harm. Ultimately the goal of this workshop is to foster a risk-based mindset.

The two hour workplace culture and engagement session is designed to provide strategies for business owners and leaders, managers, and supervisors on how to effectively instruct their teams on health and safety initiatives to improve the safety culture within the organisation. Attendees are given tools to improve safety leadership and to drive workforce participation in all things health and safety.

The two hour incident management workshop is designed to enable attendees to become competent and confident in accident and incident investigation, understanding requirements of organisations and causes for investigation of incidents within the workplace. It will also ensure attendees adhere to Health and Safety Legislation as well as company policies and procedures.

The two hour contractor management workshop is designed to educate attendees on the legal obligations in the contractor management cycle from a health and safety perspective. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of practical solutions for managing health and safety responsibilities, and will be equipped with the tools they need to comply with obligations in practice.

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